Accounting and Forensic

Accounting & Forensic Services

On behalf of commercial firms, directors, officers, investment banks, and government agencies, CRA provides litigation support and expert testimony on a wide variety of accounting and forensic services issues. Our consultants include staff experts as well as affiliated experts with extensive academic credentials and industry experience.

Business and accounting investigations

Organizations turn to CRA when they are facing financial and accounting investigations. Our expert teams integrate accounting, finance, litigation, and investigation expertise, and they possess the skills required to ensure our work will meet aggressive adversarial or third party scrutiny.

To achieve these outcomes, CRA’s teams:

  • Deploy multi-disciplinary investigation teams internationally;
  • Identify the cause of a financial problem or risk;
  • Formulate strategies that rectify the issue;
  • Quantify the magnitude and causality of any losses suffered;
  • Provide advice in pre-dispute, mediation, or settlement negotiations; and
  • Prepare and deliver expert testimony.

Forensic accounting and investigation

CRA provides expert support in disputes involving complex accounting issues, significant damage or quantum of loss calculations, allegations of financial crime, fraud, corruption, and bribery.

In these matters, CRA’s teams:

  • Assess damages or quantum of loss in all manner of corporate disputes, including breach of contract, breach of warranty, loss of profits, shareholder disputes, and joint venture disputes.
  • Provide a wide range of forensic and valuation services that have been used in the context of contractual and treaty claims, matrimonial, and shareholder disputes, and insolvency proceedings.
  • Conduct accounting investigations involving allegations of corporate fraud, manipulation of financial information, and profit diversion by directors, employees, or joint-venture parties.
  • Advise corporations, NGOs, United Nations agencies, and governments on various financial matters ranging from field office and/or project financial oversight to fraud and corruption policies.